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Create better care plans in minutes

Try our free mobile app.

Save time on documentation and create a full set of person centred,  mobile care plans in just a few minutes.

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How to use the Qwikify app

Step 1

Pick your care plans.  You can generate multiple care plans at the same time.

Step 2

Create your care plans.  The app will ask you some questions and will automatically generate your care plans based on your responses.

Step 3

Preview and export your care plans.  Export for editing or to share with team members.

Mobile features that let you create and share care plans more efficiently

Completely mobile

Create care plans on demand from your mobile phone or tablet.  Whether you prefer a phone or a tablet, Apple or Android, we have you covered.

Save time

Qwikify will automatically generate draft care plans based on your input.  Save hours creating manual paper based care plans. With Qwikify you can create an individual care plan in seconds and a full set of person centred care plans in a few minutes.

Easy to use

Make handwritten care plans a thing of the past.  If you've ever wondered about the benefits of electronic care plans, just download our free app and give it a try with no risk and no obligations.  You'll be surprised how easy it is.

Share with colleagues

Export your care plan documents for editing or to share with team members.  You can export in pdf and doc formats which can be edited in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  Share your documents with colleagues via email, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud, Apple iCloud and other services.

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